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What is Retail-Fit?

The RETAIL-FIT Training Programs contain all the basic steps or building blocks to assist you and your team to a healthy and enjoyable retail environment while developing a memorable retail experience for your customers.

The Retail-Fit Training Programs are essential building blocks for building a successful business model; ensuring all staff, volunteers and contractors are talking the same language & all have an understanding of your business culture, and how to best assist your valuable customers.

written by retailers for retailers

Who will benefit?

RETAIL-FIT is the perfect go-to training program for the INDUCTION of new staff members or contractors bringing them to the operational level of the rest of your team.

Getting Retail-Fit is a valuable tool as a refresher course or as professional development PD for current staff with 'Back-to-Basics' easy to follow 'Step-by-Step' programs.

NEW and EXISTING retail  businesses will all benefit by implementing retail training strategies empowering your team with valuable skills & knowledge... to help grow your business

success without the stress... simply leave the training up to us!

Affordable training!

Affordability; you can NOW afford to further develop & invest in your staff giving them the tools to deliver excellence in customer service, helping to reduce staff turnover by increasing staff satisfaction & loyalty.

No Locked in contracts & Money back guarantees 

Create a FUN environment with RETAIL-FIT

Implement staff training today! ...It is never to late!


What is included?

At RETAILBOOTCAMP we have made this process achievable and affordable for employees and employers in our micro, small and medium business with engaging and interactive approximately 15 minute training modules, videos, interactive assessments, loads of printable handouts supporting ongoing revision opportunities and the occasional webinar.

The Retail-fit Program will walk you through each step by step to help you and your team deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

What types of business will benefit?

Getting your business RETAIL-FIT is the ideal training platform for any Retail, Hospitality, E-tail / On-line or Wholesale business, perfect for businesses who have a product and or a service to offer to a customer/ consumer/ consumer/ client or patron, whether it be face to face, over the phone or on-line... it’s all RETAIL and to be truly effective and profitable should be RETAIL-FIT. providing a Quality Customer Service! in 10 easy steps

Trouble getting the teams together?

RETAILBOOTCAMP offers Face-2-Face, Workshops and Online training options however, we often find that due to employees' constraints due assorted timetables & schedules (full time, part time, casual, volunteers & contractors) we find Online-Training has been the most popular.

Online training offers the FLEXIBILITY to both business and staff in this fast pace environment, offering 'any time & any where' training options for everyone.

Training in your own time, at your own pace.


An introduction into Retail-fit and your program developer / instructor Antoinette Hunter


Overwhelmed with lengthy & expensive retail training programs that no-one understands? 

RETAIL-FIT provides retail training programs written by retailers for retailers, disposing of the confusing jargon we will simplify your training series into approx 15 minute videos delivering easy 'step by step' & 'back to basics' training programs.

RETAIL-FIT will give you and your team the tools & techniques to best implement the ultimate customer service and bring the FUN back into retail.

RETAIL-FIT IN 10 EASY STEPS is not just a sales program it is a customer service program that can reward our business with greater team productivity and improved KPI's.


Investing in our staff & reducing staff turnover!

We all want the best outcomes for our staff, our customers and our businesses and it all starts with implementing and investing in the training and well-being of our selves & our staff.

Retail-Fit is born out of a desire to give micro and small & medium businesses the affordably an flexibility to engage in necessary skills & knowledge training.

Online Training gives both Businesses & Teams the opportunity to build excellent organizational culture while reaching and exceeding KPI's...and much much more

Experience the ultimate guide to getting RETAIL FIT in 10 easy steps.


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